Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Door Gift

A simple title.
But we already know what it stands for.
Meaning...that I am still in search of one!

Can you actually believe it?
I am ONE month to wedding date and still no door gift!
Why? Why?

I insisted that I want eggs for door gift.
I love getting eggs at wedding.
It's just traditional and it's the Malay symbol of fertility.

It did not start at eggs though.
First plan, I thought of giving something like:

Then, because I don't know where to get it, I opt for:

Now, I decided on eggs.
But I still don't know where to get a bekas for it.
The jar looks big enough for an egg to fit...but I still yet to decide.
As I still need to look for it, and to think what else to put inside it.
I'm thinking of bekas that is about RM2.

Not sure.
I hope will be possible.
I absolutely need to "bergerak" now!

I saw an egg looking bekas at KK Home Deco, which fits an egg basically.
But that's already about RM3.
Anything worth I can get below that?

Any brides-2-be or post-brides out there willing to share?



Still possible!Dunt't worry....Good luck!=)

yam^Artfingers^ said...

u...pegi la kat nilai 3. macam2..and if your place nearby...they can even send it to u..and if you want to deco..they can do it for you. no extra charge.

n i like telur too:)

atulhani said...

hai.. terjupa blog you masa bloghopping. saya baru beli jar lebih kurang macam first option you tu. can get it for RM2 per jar. PM me at onlymie@gmail.com if you are interested.

Wahida Yaakub said...

hai. i found a bottle that looks somewhat like the one in your photos at nilai 3 just yesterday. price is 90sen each, only they don't come with a cap. cap kena deco sendiri ;)

if you're interested, the shop name is ZC - dia row depan2 tapi ke hujung sikit - signboard dia paling lawa la antara banyak2 kedai kat nilai tu :p

me said...

it's been some time since i actually have the time to look at my blog here
thanks for the comments!
i've found the bekas already...which is absolutely beaut and simple =D
i'll take a pic and post it here some day =D