Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New update: Surveying

Been some time.
I know I've been lacking on updates.
Even on my fotopages and flickr.

Anyway, I've been gone with a reason.
I did many surveying.
On and off the net.
I found a suitable date that I like. =)
But I do still need to discuss with my family.
I hope that it will not be a problem.
Even fiance has agreed on it!
Which is always a, YEY! =D

If everything goes well, in less than 10 months I will be somebody's wife!
Am I ready?
I cannot say that I am 100% ready but I am ready.
To face what's to come.
And I believe that I will grow to become more mature in the marriage.
And that fiance and I will grow together and will cherish each other better.

I am blessed that fiance loves me for who I am.
He loves my good and my bad.
He doesn't care that I can't cook much.
And he loves the fact that I am his baby.
Most of all, he loves me since I was a tomboy with no sense of style and with pimples over my cheek. Hehe.

Getting married is not an easy task.
There's a lot of planning, surveying, etc etc.
A lot of paperwork too!
I wanted to explain how it is to get married if you are Malaysian.
But...that would be for later.
Til then.
See you!