Friday, November 6, 2009

Will NOT recommend this person!

It's more than a month already from when I last posted!

Yes dearies. I am a MRS.
I am a married woman.
Still sounds a bit surreal.

But alhamdulillah...everything went fine.
We had 4 events, 3 receptions and 7 outfits!
Other people might say that my reception look stunningly beautiful and cost a lot.
Truthfully, not so.
My family is average people, our budget is average and we manage to pull it off looking exclusive.
I'm amazed myself.

I can recommend almost all vendors of my wedding to brides-2-be.
Except...the one who did my hall dais/pelamin.
My mother actually called this lady, Mila.
Apparently, she did LadyNoe's wedding.

Upon our agreement, she told us there'll be 6 pots, that it'll be all fresh flowers, how the arch would look like, etc etc
On that day however, the pots of flowers were not the same as what she mentioned, she placed like a cheap artificial flower on top of the dais, and the arch was the same old old arch we saw at her boutique!
The pelamin was a disaster.
What my family did was, we brought the big pots from my pelamin at the house to the hall.
And luckily, me & my mom bought enough flowers to decorate the arch.
We gave them to her and she gave many reasons to avoid decorating it.
Furthermore, she was packing to go home with the flowers that WE already PAID!
There were bunch more of flowers, including Roses!
In the end, my aunties decorated the arch themselves, which turned out gorgeous.

Just when I thought that the drama is finished, the very next day she called again in the morning.
Asking for payment. OK. No problemo.
I told my mom that I will call her to give her feedback on the dais.
Since I had stuff to settled with other wedding vendors, I did not call back immediately.
Then my mom told me that she rang many many times asking for payment.
Alright, jeez wheez.
I rang her and kindly gave the feedback from my family.
What shocked me is how she responded.
Not only she interrupted me, but she actually snapped at me.
Accusing me of not wanting to pay bla bla.
I kept my cool saying that I wanted to help her and wanted to give feedback on her work.
She refused to accept! And started asking for money again.
I told her honestly that I'm out and wouldn't be able to transfer it now.
But how she demanded it! My gosh!
I told her that I am not going to pay for the arch as she did not do it.
She had to accept because she knew she will lose anyway.

There were lots of snapping done from her side and I'm surprised that I kept my cool.
Personally, I think she might be having some hutang with Ah-Long or something.
This is not the first time she demanded money like that from us.
But obviously, this time was worse, with the accusing and getting mad at us, who is her client!
I didn't want to pay full amount considering her attitude.
But we paid almost after minusing the arch.

So...I will not recommend her to anyone at all.
Lousy job for the money you pay, and very very lousy way she treated her client!

I will post pics of the solemnization dais that another person did which was absolutely beautiful!
I told her what I wanted, she gave me more than that! =D
Now this is recommended!

For now, I'll sign off first.
Will be back with pics and stories.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Countdown: 4 days

4 days to the BIG DAY!

Lots of things have been done within these 2 weeks.
I'm already on leave from work.

Truthfully, at this time, I just can't bear going to the office.
So much things running in my mind.
I really treasure my time out from work now.

Progress is: 90%?
Yeah, that's good.
Door gift: Done.
Bunga pahar: Done.
Hantaran: Almost done hehe.

The other day I changed the baju sanding at the very last minute!
And I'm satisfied. I will be taking photos of the dress and maybe post a sneak peek who knows.

And guess what? I saw a really really nice tiffany dress that literally 'ask' me to wear it.

I really want to wear it, I do.
People always say I look stunning in Blue.
But I didn't at that time.
But I am going to. Next week. I vow to go there and try the dress.
Who knows maybe that can be my dress on the 24th?

On second thought, on the 24th the flowers are all in pink and purple shades.
Does Tiffany Blue blend in with the colours?

Anyway, I'm writing randomly.
For the sake of updating.
Tomorrow will be a full day for me.
Starting from 12AM - 1159PM tomorrow!
Because MIL forbid us to go out on Thursday & Friday!
She said it's too early to the wedding and both of us needs to stay at home.
Furthermore, Fiance has doa selamat on Thursday, so he need to go back to his hometown.
In the end, we pack everything for tomorrow.

Oh, I need to go off now!

p/s: Anyone can recommend a good spa? I heard of Javapuri in TTDI (which is very near), but no one picked up when I call.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spending my last days

I am absolutely spending my last days being a bachelorette~!

Quite few nights in Puasa month, I was spending time with my guy friends.
Talking, making jokes, playing cards.
It was fun and yet made me sad coz they'll be no more times like these.
We reminisce the time when I was still young and innocent.
Going out with them and never even thought of any bad things which might happen.
Which didn't happen, because they're very good guys anyway.

They brought up all my short scandals.
Which now are funny to me.
I will still say to the guys, "I know you're jealous coz now I'm getting married." or "Aw, you're just jealous coz you didn't get me."
But truth is, I think all my scandals are cool with it.
We're past our young and curious era. Haha.

Back in the days, I was so one of the guys, that I thought nothing when they put their arms around my shoulder, or kicked my butt, or commented about my body.
Now of course, they don't really do that.
Coz of the fact I'm already engaged and getting married.
I will not say I missed those days, coz I have to move forward.
But I am glad now it's part of my memories.

Not every girl can be in a "men" environment and have them feel that you too belong with them.
I achieved that. And I know they are missing me when I'm not there.
I thank you for all their support and kindness throughout our times together.
Gosh, I've been with some of them since primary school!

My times with them are phenomenal!
Lots of things that we went through...if I actually reveal all, it could never finish hehe.
But it was great.

It was one of the greatest times I've ever had.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Door Gift

A simple title.
But we already know what it stands for.
Meaning...that I am still in search of one!

Can you actually believe it?
I am ONE month to wedding date and still no door gift!
Why? Why?

I insisted that I want eggs for door gift.
I love getting eggs at wedding.
It's just traditional and it's the Malay symbol of fertility.

It did not start at eggs though.
First plan, I thought of giving something like:

Then, because I don't know where to get it, I opt for:

Now, I decided on eggs.
But I still don't know where to get a bekas for it.
The jar looks big enough for an egg to fit...but I still yet to decide.
As I still need to look for it, and to think what else to put inside it.
I'm thinking of bekas that is about RM2.

Not sure.
I hope will be possible.
I absolutely need to "bergerak" now!

I saw an egg looking bekas at KK Home Deco, which fits an egg basically.
But that's already about RM3.
Anything worth I can get below that?

Any brides-2-be or post-brides out there willing to share?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking out for W Dress is 2 months to wedding.
And...I absolutely NEED to find a great white dress for the wedding on Fiance's side!

I'm frantic already here.
I just figure out that dresses at Cosry will cost 2k and above.
I'm not sure what Fiance will say.

I've run out of ideas of where to look.
I'm not sure if bridal boutique's will have white wedding dresses which are spectacular.
Any that's worth considering?
I can't wear very sexy ones cause I'm just not that kind.
At least give me some sleeves! Hehe.
And I absolutely luurrrveee mermaid's bottom. *drool*

Designer's dress are to kill for!
I love Syaiful Baharim's design that was worn by Daphne Iking (as the model).
But, not sure what's the cost for that.

I am sooo running out of time.
But I need to search quick quick quick!

Something like this for the bottom but in white pleaseeeeeee

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Ring

I found the perfect ring.
And I got it.

I never cared much about getting a ring initially.
Because I already have the other blings that fiance's giving me, which already cost him a bomb. Mom insisted for me to get a ring.
Tried to argue. Lost.

So, me and Fiance set to go and find the ring.
The perfect ring was not the one we initially booked.
Initially, I chose one that definitely will Wow anyone's eyes.
Mine too, when I chose it.
It's valuable, with big stones and very glittery.

But at the 2nd visit (supposedly to pick up the said ring), my eyes caught a jewel.
I have been eyeing that design for so long actually, but just didn't get it.
It's so much cheaper than the initial ring but definitely of same value.
So this time, I told Fiance.
I want that ring.

And so, we changed.
Did some changes to it too.
And when it's time for me to take the ring back, I just fell in love with it.
It made me smile.
It made me fall in love with it.
It gave me a feeling that the initial one has not given me before.
Most, I don't feel an ounce of regret picking it.

I have the perfect ring for my wedding.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

5 months!!

It's MAY!!!!!

I have 5 months to go to my big day.
I can't wait.
But I'm anxious.
I'm nervous.

Let's see what have been done and what have not.

Items to be completed by end of May 2009 (4 months to wedding):
Bride's Reception catering - Up to Parents
Solemnization's guest list - Prepare list
Bride's reception guest list - Prepare list
HIV Test - Pending
Photographer (Nikah & Reception) - Paid deposit RM200
Backup photographer (Nikah & berinai) - Secured.
Make Up Artist & Hairdo for my Reception - Secured, paid deposit Rm100

Items to be completed by end of June 2009 (3 months to wedding):
Wedding Dias & Hall Decorations - Pending, to confirm with Mom
Wedding Invitation Card - Pending, still in search
Sepasang Baju for our Bridesmaid & Bestmen x 03 events - Pending
Guests favors - Decided, telur. But pending on bekas.
VIP Guests favors - Done for the Men but still pending for ladies
Friends favors (extra) - pending
Kids favors - pending
Tempahan for baju Nikah - Will need to be sent to designer
Kains, Veils, Shoes & Tailoring x 03 events - Deposit Paid
Photographer (Groom's side x 2) - Tentative, will need to confirm
Dais for Nikah - Tentative, will need to confirm
PA system - Parents will handle.

Items to be completed by end of July 2009 (2 months to wedding):
Administrative work or check ups for Marriage Request/Approval - Pending, in process
Hantaran for Him: Perfume, check. Belt, check. Halwa, ordered. Wallet, pending. Cake: pending. Sirih, pending. Shirt, pending. Handphone, pending. Sejadah, check.
Hantaran for Moi: Handbag & Wallet, check. Blings, check. Handycam, check. Sejadah & Quran, check. Telekung, check. Sirih Junjung, pending. Cake, pending.
Bed in room - Parents will buy because my sis will occupy the room after I get married.
Paint for room - Parents will settle that
Curtain for room - Bought, but underway to tempah.

Items to be completed by end of August 2009 (1 months to wedding):
Invitation cards - To send out to guests
Gubahan Hantaran, Bunga Pahar & Hand Bouquet
Pre-wedding photos & montage - To discuss with fiance
Henna - Trial. Self applied following designs from the Internet
Bunga pahar for Hall Reception

Items to be completed by end of September 2009 (few days to wedding!!):
Flower girls/boys - I need them?
Bride's reception program agenda - To discuss with family

Items completed, so far:
Booking for Hall - Done!
Kursus Kahwin - Done!! ;)
My Reception 'Kain' for Immediate Family Members - Done!! ;)

House to stay in - Done and furnished! Yeah! =D
Bedsheets - Done!

Monday, April 20, 2009

just a bug

Everybody will have an impression that people getting married is always happy.
Of course...but, there's always something that bothers.

These past week or two, I've been having some feelings that I like, and often I don't like.
I hate being ignored, I hate being pushed aside, I hate not being the attention of my partner, I hate to always be in the wrong side.

I have always been told that I am not good enough, not clever, not creative, not feminine, not this and not that.
So, when I have someone that I thought truly loves me for me, I expect the person to see me and treat me far far far better that what I have gone through all my life.
Now as time goes by...everything seems to just stay the same.
I still am ignored, I still am doing all the wrong things...
And my low self-esteem came back. I felt not worthy of someone or something.
I felt that I was not an important part of anything at all.
It's just the same old same old, and I am pushed to sit at the sideline.

Everyday I hope that if I be positive, I can see that I'm important.
If not for the people I love, at least to the rest of the world who does not know me at all.
At times I am. When other people thank me endlessly for helping them.
Even that, you still feel lonely.
Because you cannot see how people you love actually feel about you.

The person that I love, is the only one person who actually makes me feel that life is great.
That I can be happy too.
The only person who I want to change for.
The only person who makes me feel afraid if he's not with me.

Now, I feel so lonely...
I'm afraid to tell him how I feel, what I think, what I want to do...
because he tells me that I whine, that I think too much, that I do things too advance, or scolds me for it or simply dismiss what I say.
I want to be someone who supports him. In everything.
Does that also mean that I need to sacrifice myself?
That everything about me need to be put on the sidelines?
I am at the part where I am willing to sacrifice my marriage dreams in order to not burden him.
But I feel just like before.
I feel like I am not a big part of something, that I'm just a bug within this whole big universe,
that I am something you can just leave behind or ignored.

I thought love is supposed to fulfill all the empty spaces that is in your life.
Then, why are they still waiting to be filled?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Learning the process

In going through the engagement life, I would not say that it's all warm and fuzzy and happy and glittery.
In fact, it has its ups and downs.
It has its sea turmoils.
But we have always managed to pull it through just fine.

I have always set in my mind that I just have to go through this period happily and enjoy while it lasts.
And for me at least, this mindset works.
Sure we have had our rough times.
But it's the usual couple's quarrel.

People always come to me and say, "Hey, I don't want to get engaged too long"
or "I'm afraid it's going to end if I get engaged that long"
Come on...if you think like that even before you get engaged, then it is going to happen.

So girls, please enjoy the ships of your engagement life.
Seek for friends who can take you out and have fun while you are still single.
If you happen to get into a quarrel with him, treat it as something that just happen.

Sometimes, these quarrels that you have just meant to make you learn.
About yourself, about him.
And it makes him realize that he has a lot of responsibility over you.
And you have your own responsibility also.
If one is ego, the other must give-in.

I am still in the stage of learning.
Learning of giving in sometimes.
Learning in accepting him.
Learning in trusting him with all of my heart at all cost.
Learning to not always be in control.
Learning to let go of things that has past.
Learning not to bring up matters that hurts and that are in the past as well.

I am learning to fill myself with gratitude.
Because I believe that with this way, I will be more happy in my life.
I am blessed enough that I have a rooftop on my head, a family, a job.
But I am more blessed to have my fiance...
who accept me no matter what I do.

He is definitely the man that I want to marry,
that I want to live with the rest of my life,
that I could not live without,
and he is definitely THE Man who is going to be the father of my children.
I believe in him with all that he does,
and I know he loves me as much as I love him.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm not trying to point out his mistakes or what-so-ever.
But somehow...I feel like I'm left behind.

I know what I don't have and what I lack in myself.
I've known that since many many years ago.

I wanted to just confide in him how scared I am for our life after marriage.
I know that I need to be mentally prepared.
I need to buck up myself from my sleep.
I know all that.

But I just want to tell him my feelings...

I know what I am now.
I'm full of low self-esteem.
I'm quite easy to get jealous - depending on a situation.

I want to get out of this whole negative side of me.
But...I often think that I'm left behind.
I want to be his priority in everything...which does not seem to be that way anymore.

I hate to be feeling this way.
I love him and he loves me.
But at this time, it's just hard.
And I don't know if I am ready for marriage...