Monday, March 9, 2009

Learning the process

In going through the engagement life, I would not say that it's all warm and fuzzy and happy and glittery.
In fact, it has its ups and downs.
It has its sea turmoils.
But we have always managed to pull it through just fine.

I have always set in my mind that I just have to go through this period happily and enjoy while it lasts.
And for me at least, this mindset works.
Sure we have had our rough times.
But it's the usual couple's quarrel.

People always come to me and say, "Hey, I don't want to get engaged too long"
or "I'm afraid it's going to end if I get engaged that long"
Come on...if you think like that even before you get engaged, then it is going to happen.

So girls, please enjoy the ships of your engagement life.
Seek for friends who can take you out and have fun while you are still single.
If you happen to get into a quarrel with him, treat it as something that just happen.

Sometimes, these quarrels that you have just meant to make you learn.
About yourself, about him.
And it makes him realize that he has a lot of responsibility over you.
And you have your own responsibility also.
If one is ego, the other must give-in.

I am still in the stage of learning.
Learning of giving in sometimes.
Learning in accepting him.
Learning in trusting him with all of my heart at all cost.
Learning to not always be in control.
Learning to let go of things that has past.
Learning not to bring up matters that hurts and that are in the past as well.

I am learning to fill myself with gratitude.
Because I believe that with this way, I will be more happy in my life.
I am blessed enough that I have a rooftop on my head, a family, a job.
But I am more blessed to have my fiance...
who accept me no matter what I do.

He is definitely the man that I want to marry,
that I want to live with the rest of my life,
that I could not live without,
and he is definitely THE Man who is going to be the father of my children.
I believe in him with all that he does,
and I know he loves me as much as I love him.

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