Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking out for W Dress is 2 months to wedding.
And...I absolutely NEED to find a great white dress for the wedding on Fiance's side!

I'm frantic already here.
I just figure out that dresses at Cosry will cost 2k and above.
I'm not sure what Fiance will say.

I've run out of ideas of where to look.
I'm not sure if bridal boutique's will have white wedding dresses which are spectacular.
Any that's worth considering?
I can't wear very sexy ones cause I'm just not that kind.
At least give me some sleeves! Hehe.
And I absolutely luurrrveee mermaid's bottom. *drool*

Designer's dress are to kill for!
I love Syaiful Baharim's design that was worn by Daphne Iking (as the model).
But, not sure what's the cost for that.

I am sooo running out of time.
But I need to search quick quick quick!

Something like this for the bottom but in white pleaseeeeeee

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