Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Countdown: 4 days

4 days to the BIG DAY!

Lots of things have been done within these 2 weeks.
I'm already on leave from work.

Truthfully, at this time, I just can't bear going to the office.
So much things running in my mind.
I really treasure my time out from work now.

Progress is: 90%?
Yeah, that's good.
Door gift: Done.
Bunga pahar: Done.
Hantaran: Almost done hehe.

The other day I changed the baju sanding at the very last minute!
And I'm satisfied. I will be taking photos of the dress and maybe post a sneak peek who knows.

And guess what? I saw a really really nice tiffany dress that literally 'ask' me to wear it.

I really want to wear it, I do.
People always say I look stunning in Blue.
But I didn't at that time.
But I am going to. Next week. I vow to go there and try the dress.
Who knows maybe that can be my dress on the 24th?

On second thought, on the 24th the flowers are all in pink and purple shades.
Does Tiffany Blue blend in with the colours?

Anyway, I'm writing randomly.
For the sake of updating.
Tomorrow will be a full day for me.
Starting from 12AM - 1159PM tomorrow!
Because MIL forbid us to go out on Thursday & Friday!
She said it's too early to the wedding and both of us needs to stay at home.
Furthermore, Fiance has doa selamat on Thursday, so he need to go back to his hometown.
In the end, we pack everything for tomorrow.

Oh, I need to go off now!

p/s: Anyone can recommend a good spa? I heard of Javapuri in TTDI (which is very near), but no one picked up when I call.