Monday, April 20, 2009

just a bug

Everybody will have an impression that people getting married is always happy.
Of course...but, there's always something that bothers.

These past week or two, I've been having some feelings that I like, and often I don't like.
I hate being ignored, I hate being pushed aside, I hate not being the attention of my partner, I hate to always be in the wrong side.

I have always been told that I am not good enough, not clever, not creative, not feminine, not this and not that.
So, when I have someone that I thought truly loves me for me, I expect the person to see me and treat me far far far better that what I have gone through all my life.
Now as time goes by...everything seems to just stay the same.
I still am ignored, I still am doing all the wrong things...
And my low self-esteem came back. I felt not worthy of someone or something.
I felt that I was not an important part of anything at all.
It's just the same old same old, and I am pushed to sit at the sideline.

Everyday I hope that if I be positive, I can see that I'm important.
If not for the people I love, at least to the rest of the world who does not know me at all.
At times I am. When other people thank me endlessly for helping them.
Even that, you still feel lonely.
Because you cannot see how people you love actually feel about you.

The person that I love, is the only one person who actually makes me feel that life is great.
That I can be happy too.
The only person who I want to change for.
The only person who makes me feel afraid if he's not with me.

Now, I feel so lonely...
I'm afraid to tell him how I feel, what I think, what I want to do...
because he tells me that I whine, that I think too much, that I do things too advance, or scolds me for it or simply dismiss what I say.
I want to be someone who supports him. In everything.
Does that also mean that I need to sacrifice myself?
That everything about me need to be put on the sidelines?
I am at the part where I am willing to sacrifice my marriage dreams in order to not burden him.
But I feel just like before.
I feel like I am not a big part of something, that I'm just a bug within this whole big universe,
that I am something you can just leave behind or ignored.

I thought love is supposed to fulfill all the empty spaces that is in your life.
Then, why are they still waiting to be filled?

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