Friday, November 6, 2009

Will NOT recommend this person!

It's more than a month already from when I last posted!

Yes dearies. I am a MRS.
I am a married woman.
Still sounds a bit surreal.

But alhamdulillah...everything went fine.
We had 4 events, 3 receptions and 7 outfits!
Other people might say that my reception look stunningly beautiful and cost a lot.
Truthfully, not so.
My family is average people, our budget is average and we manage to pull it off looking exclusive.
I'm amazed myself.

I can recommend almost all vendors of my wedding to brides-2-be.
Except...the one who did my hall dais/pelamin.
My mother actually called this lady, Mila.
Apparently, she did LadyNoe's wedding.

Upon our agreement, she told us there'll be 6 pots, that it'll be all fresh flowers, how the arch would look like, etc etc
On that day however, the pots of flowers were not the same as what she mentioned, she placed like a cheap artificial flower on top of the dais, and the arch was the same old old arch we saw at her boutique!
The pelamin was a disaster.
What my family did was, we brought the big pots from my pelamin at the house to the hall.
And luckily, me & my mom bought enough flowers to decorate the arch.
We gave them to her and she gave many reasons to avoid decorating it.
Furthermore, she was packing to go home with the flowers that WE already PAID!
There were bunch more of flowers, including Roses!
In the end, my aunties decorated the arch themselves, which turned out gorgeous.

Just when I thought that the drama is finished, the very next day she called again in the morning.
Asking for payment. OK. No problemo.
I told my mom that I will call her to give her feedback on the dais.
Since I had stuff to settled with other wedding vendors, I did not call back immediately.
Then my mom told me that she rang many many times asking for payment.
Alright, jeez wheez.
I rang her and kindly gave the feedback from my family.
What shocked me is how she responded.
Not only she interrupted me, but she actually snapped at me.
Accusing me of not wanting to pay bla bla.
I kept my cool saying that I wanted to help her and wanted to give feedback on her work.
She refused to accept! And started asking for money again.
I told her honestly that I'm out and wouldn't be able to transfer it now.
But how she demanded it! My gosh!
I told her that I am not going to pay for the arch as she did not do it.
She had to accept because she knew she will lose anyway.

There were lots of snapping done from her side and I'm surprised that I kept my cool.
Personally, I think she might be having some hutang with Ah-Long or something.
This is not the first time she demanded money like that from us.
But obviously, this time was worse, with the accusing and getting mad at us, who is her client!
I didn't want to pay full amount considering her attitude.
But we paid almost after minusing the arch.

So...I will not recommend her to anyone at all.
Lousy job for the money you pay, and very very lousy way she treated her client!

I will post pics of the solemnization dais that another person did which was absolutely beautiful!
I told her what I wanted, she gave me more than that! =D
Now this is recommended!

For now, I'll sign off first.
Will be back with pics and stories.