Thursday, September 18, 2008

any date yet?

Today, there is so much thing to tell.
What has become of us since my last post?

I'm glad to say that we've become more mature.
I am still trying to be understanding to him and his work.
And he is still trying to understand me in being me.

But nonetheless, everything seems to go fine.
I am much much grateful now just to have him supporting me.
I acknowledge that I will gain nothing if I keep on complaining and sulking of our love life.
Love is to be happy.
And happiness is the way to a greater life.

He has done so many things to make our life after marriage work.
We have so much blessings that not all people in the world have.
I have God's love and support.
I have a stable job, although I seem to be bored with it.
I have great friends, who actually enjoys my company.
I have an awesome part-time job.
And I have a man who loves me as who I really am, and can't wait to be married to me.
These are all the things that are more than what I ask for, and more than I expect!

Now, we're deciding on a date to get married.
Meaning, that it will be soon.
I have a date set in mind, and fiance seem to agree.
In fact, he doesn't really care about the date, as long as it is appropriate...
And, as long as it is in an appropriate time to get married.
There are a lot of to do list to prepare.
But I will manage.
I always do.

And although many people will think that it's too early,
or that I may not be ready enough...
I would say, you never know until you've done it.
Life is full of learning experiences.
And marriage is one of the biggest of it.

I might be a bit nervous.
But what the heck!
Never say never.