Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spending my last days

I am absolutely spending my last days being a bachelorette~!

Quite few nights in Puasa month, I was spending time with my guy friends.
Talking, making jokes, playing cards.
It was fun and yet made me sad coz they'll be no more times like these.
We reminisce the time when I was still young and innocent.
Going out with them and never even thought of any bad things which might happen.
Which didn't happen, because they're very good guys anyway.

They brought up all my short scandals.
Which now are funny to me.
I will still say to the guys, "I know you're jealous coz now I'm getting married." or "Aw, you're just jealous coz you didn't get me."
But truth is, I think all my scandals are cool with it.
We're past our young and curious era. Haha.

Back in the days, I was so one of the guys, that I thought nothing when they put their arms around my shoulder, or kicked my butt, or commented about my body.
Now of course, they don't really do that.
Coz of the fact I'm already engaged and getting married.
I will not say I missed those days, coz I have to move forward.
But I am glad now it's part of my memories.

Not every girl can be in a "men" environment and have them feel that you too belong with them.
I achieved that. And I know they are missing me when I'm not there.
I thank you for all their support and kindness throughout our times together.
Gosh, I've been with some of them since primary school!

My times with them are phenomenal!
Lots of things that we went through...if I actually reveal all, it could never finish hehe.
But it was great.

It was one of the greatest times I've ever had.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Door Gift

A simple title.
But we already know what it stands for.
Meaning...that I am still in search of one!

Can you actually believe it?
I am ONE month to wedding date and still no door gift!
Why? Why?

I insisted that I want eggs for door gift.
I love getting eggs at wedding.
It's just traditional and it's the Malay symbol of fertility.

It did not start at eggs though.
First plan, I thought of giving something like:

Then, because I don't know where to get it, I opt for:

Now, I decided on eggs.
But I still don't know where to get a bekas for it.
The jar looks big enough for an egg to fit...but I still yet to decide.
As I still need to look for it, and to think what else to put inside it.
I'm thinking of bekas that is about RM2.

Not sure.
I hope will be possible.
I absolutely need to "bergerak" now!

I saw an egg looking bekas at KK Home Deco, which fits an egg basically.
But that's already about RM3.
Anything worth I can get below that?

Any brides-2-be or post-brides out there willing to share?