Thursday, May 21, 2009

5 months!!

It's MAY!!!!!

I have 5 months to go to my big day.
I can't wait.
But I'm anxious.
I'm nervous.

Let's see what have been done and what have not.

Items to be completed by end of May 2009 (4 months to wedding):
Bride's Reception catering - Up to Parents
Solemnization's guest list - Prepare list
Bride's reception guest list - Prepare list
HIV Test - Pending
Photographer (Nikah & Reception) - Paid deposit RM200
Backup photographer (Nikah & berinai) - Secured.
Make Up Artist & Hairdo for my Reception - Secured, paid deposit Rm100

Items to be completed by end of June 2009 (3 months to wedding):
Wedding Dias & Hall Decorations - Pending, to confirm with Mom
Wedding Invitation Card - Pending, still in search
Sepasang Baju for our Bridesmaid & Bestmen x 03 events - Pending
Guests favors - Decided, telur. But pending on bekas.
VIP Guests favors - Done for the Men but still pending for ladies
Friends favors (extra) - pending
Kids favors - pending
Tempahan for baju Nikah - Will need to be sent to designer
Kains, Veils, Shoes & Tailoring x 03 events - Deposit Paid
Photographer (Groom's side x 2) - Tentative, will need to confirm
Dais for Nikah - Tentative, will need to confirm
PA system - Parents will handle.

Items to be completed by end of July 2009 (2 months to wedding):
Administrative work or check ups for Marriage Request/Approval - Pending, in process
Hantaran for Him: Perfume, check. Belt, check. Halwa, ordered. Wallet, pending. Cake: pending. Sirih, pending. Shirt, pending. Handphone, pending. Sejadah, check.
Hantaran for Moi: Handbag & Wallet, check. Blings, check. Handycam, check. Sejadah & Quran, check. Telekung, check. Sirih Junjung, pending. Cake, pending.
Bed in room - Parents will buy because my sis will occupy the room after I get married.
Paint for room - Parents will settle that
Curtain for room - Bought, but underway to tempah.

Items to be completed by end of August 2009 (1 months to wedding):
Invitation cards - To send out to guests
Gubahan Hantaran, Bunga Pahar & Hand Bouquet
Pre-wedding photos & montage - To discuss with fiance
Henna - Trial. Self applied following designs from the Internet
Bunga pahar for Hall Reception

Items to be completed by end of September 2009 (few days to wedding!!):
Flower girls/boys - I need them?
Bride's reception program agenda - To discuss with family

Items completed, so far:
Booking for Hall - Done!
Kursus Kahwin - Done!! ;)
My Reception 'Kain' for Immediate Family Members - Done!! ;)

House to stay in - Done and furnished! Yeah! =D
Bedsheets - Done!

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